Cally Spooner

A Worksop with Cally Spooner – December 1952, Earle Brown
(Video HD, Duration: 6mn 01s, French, 2012)
This video is the documentation of the Cally Spooner’s workshop at Dijon art school, and the final performance she did with the students at Le Consortium, Dijon, 2013.
Léa and I followed Cally Spooner and her students during one week, and filmed different steps of the construction of their project created from the score of December 1952 by Earle Brown, untill the final performance. The artist and the teacher who invited her are also speaking about their interest in this workshop.
In this excerpt, you will some of the final performances done by the workshop participants.
With: the artist Cally Spooner, the art teacher Vanessa Desclaux and the students: Roxane Dasseux, Lola Drubigny, Patricia Gutierrez, Pan Jung Kim, Lina Lim, Joy Prudent, Lucile Ruynat, Patricia Ionescu, Xavier Fontanier.
The full film was originally projected as a document of the workshop with Cally Spooner, at Actions #4, a festival for performance in Atheneum, Dijon, in february 2013.
To see the full film, please contact me.

Video directed, edited and produced by Claire Willemann and Léa Zelenkauskis.
Images: Lola Drubigny, Joy Prudent,Claire Willemann and Léa Zelenkauskis.
Translation, english to french: Marie Verry and Léa Zelenkauskis.

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